Top 5 Money Transfer UPI based Apps in India 2022

Sometime in the past we needed to remain in line at the bank or mail center to send cash or move cash to somebody. In any case, presently there are many best cash move applications in India accessible that we can send cash to anybody sitting at home.

Today I will educate you regarding the 10 best cash move applications in India that I use for myself. Not that there are no more applications than these 10 UPI installments application. You can utilize any UPI installment application if you have any desire to bring in a web-based cash move starting with one bank then onto the next bank. 

These applications incorporate Bank's own application like SBI's YONO or BHIM SBI Pay, Axis Bank's BHIM Axis Pay, BOI Bank's BHIM BOI Pay and so forth. You can download any UPI installment application and send cash from any bank to another bank.

With these applications, you can undoubtedly move or send cash from your bank to another bank, your bank to another bank and furthermore load cash to your wallet.

So we should investigate this main 10 best cash move applications in India 2022 rundown. Peruse every one of the subtleties of these applications and pick the best appropriate one for you.

Google Pay App

It is one of the most downloaded cash move applications on Android and iOS gadgets. Already its name was Tez however from last year its name is Google Pay.

Google Pay is the most cherished and utilized cash move applications in India. It has many reasons. You can move cash from all banks. Google Pay likewise accompanies a reference offer. In the event that you allude somebody and assuming they join make a UPI cash move interestingly through your outside reference then you will get ₹201 cashback in your Bank. Indeed, you heard it right. Google Pay will store your cashback straightforwardly into your connected financial balance. There is no wallet choice in this application. The client who will join through your connection will likewise get ₹21 in their bank as well.


The subsequent cash move application that I will educate you regarding is the PhonePe App. From UPI, Bank move, add cash to reference, ticket booking, re-energize, bill installment, DTH, speculation, computerized gold and much more every sort of internet based exchange should be possible on this application.

Clients send cash to their companions, family members or anybody up to 1lac consistently. You can connect more than one financial balance on the off chance that different records are connected with a similar portable number.

Paytm App

From re-energize, bill installments, DTH, ticket booking, cash move to shopping, advanced gold, speculation, credit all that we can do from Paytm App. Paytm is the most adored and simple to utilize cash move application in India.

Anybody can move cash starting with one bank then onto the next effectively through Paytm. We can move from wallet to Bank account and from bank to wallet as well. Paytm has its own Payments Bank as well.


This is an authority UPI installments application. You can you this application to bring in a web-based cash move through UPI. The most amazing aspect of this cash move application is you can involve it in any Indian language. BHIM App upholds QR Code Scan and Pay, make or reset UPI Pin, move cash through UPI and so forth. Aside from this, we can save recipient or contact subtleties on this application, really look at exchange history.

There is no welcome and acquire choice on this application. So you will not get any cashback or offer for downloading BHIM UPI App. All things considered, I feel BHIM UPI App is a truly extraordinary application to utilize. In the event that you are searching for an application that can be utilized exclusively for making on the web installments then BHIM UPI App will be an extraordinary decision for you.


I feel MobiKwik is likewise a comparable sort of application to Paytm, Airtel Thanks, PhonePe, Google Pay. Indeed, MobiKwik has no installments bank yet, it is one of the most amazing cash move applications that I have at any point utilized in my life.

We can make a bank move, UPI installments, wallet to a bank move, add cash to wallet, examine any QR and much more sorts of internet based exchanges through the MobiKwik App.

Airtel Thanks App

It's an authority installment application from Airtel. We can do various kinds of internet based installments. Airtel sent off the first installment bank in Quite a while. Anybody can open an Airtel Payments Bank like Paytm Bank.


This is an authority application for SBI clients in particular. You can not utilize this application on the off chance that you don't have a SBI financial balance. However, on the off chance that, in the event that you are a SBI Bank client, you can utilize this application. YONO SBI accompanies an excellent connection point. You will make a wide range of things connected with SBI in this application.


My Jio has as of late included a UPI choice this application. Beforehand we have a choice on Jio Money to send cash starting with one bank then onto the next bank. You can move from all ledgers through Jio UPI.

We can get to a great deal of things from the My Jio App. We can re-energize our versatile number, check Jio information balance, cash moves and access each Jio Apps in one spot.


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